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Just telling it like it is. I described exactly what is shown in the video. Same stuff I’ve seen in every game. For every floater, he has 15-20 passes that are right on the money. He had a higher count in 2019, but obviously worked on a more consistent delivery over the off-season that going into 2020. It also just shows he doesn’t have a “noodle” arm like you keep stating. Just admit that you either a) didn’t really know or b) just hate him for some other reason (using a draft pick, don’t like Gators, something else?).

He wasn’t a first round selection because he doesn’t have a cannon arm and isn’t a running QB, and that’s what is popular amongst drafting teams these days (they all want a Mahomes, Wilson, Jackson type now). End the end, though, he may end up being one of the best QB’s from the draft. Or he could bust, like any of them. We’ll see, but the odds are in his favor.