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At the end of round 2, I felt like there wasn’t much value that fell to us. I would have loved Creed at 64, he got sniped. The only value at 64 was interior OL in my opinion, and we grabbed an incredible value in Hainsey in round 3.

Even though Brady is signed on for 2 more seasons, I don’t think he actually plays 2 more seasons. That extra year was to help us out cap-wise. Gisele is fed up, I think Brady hangs em up at the end of this season…

I don’t think Trask was a reach as essential a 3rd round pick, and I don’t think Brady’s going to be around for another 2 years. I’ve warmed up to the idea of a QB as our 2nd round pick, Trask will need some development, he’s not a perfect prospect.. but I think he’s in a much better situation then A LOT of the other QBs taken in round 1.

If Brady retires, we’ll most likely bring in another veteran passer and have him compete with Trask for the starting job. There is a lot of young talent on this team, it’d be smart not to be caught with our pants down when Brady hangs em up.