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Tim Scott believes policing has a systemic racism issue.

He just thinks cops are also good too (something no one disputes)

This is Scott on Face the Nation

“ One of the reasons I have asked to lead this police reform conversation on my side of the aisle is because I personally understand the pain of being stopped 18 times driving while Black,” Scott explained to host John Dickerson. “I have also seen the beauty of when officers go door to door with me on Christmas morning delivering presents to kids in the most underserved communities.”

“So I think I bring an equilibrium to the conversation,” he said. “That gives me reason to be hopeful.””


“18 TIMES”

weird, huh?

And now all of a sudden you’re saying what I was saying here the whole time?

It seems to me that I’ve spent my energies in this thread, defending my right as a human being to support the statements about race, made by a black Republican. On the other hand, it seems to me that you’ve spent your energies trying to say that people who support Tim Scott’s statements on race are a bunch of racists and that Tim Scott is an Uncle Tom, ignorant or self serving in taking these positions on race.

Forgive me if I put some of fire’s words in your mouth but you never refuted them so as you often do to me regarding other posters comments that I don’t myself make I’m just going to chalk them up to you since you’re clearly the leader and don’t mind whatever BS Fire and Charles are spewing.