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Now I can see how someone like Karma might see all this in a slightly different light. Like that this is all just a Trumper smear and made up fake news! lol

But seriously, Glen Greenwald is doing a great service to all Americans by making a big deal of this. Nobody else is and he’s one of the few people who could start a crusade like this with any chance of making any sort of difference.

Even if you do take all this with a grain of salt, I think if you remove the politics and just look at it on it’s own merits, this is something that should be said. As Glen Greenwald pointed out, Jake Tapper has recently called out the hypocrisy of Republicans leaving up tweets about Kamala handing out books at the border…. Hey Karma, you too right? Yet, Greenwald found that he left tweets up that claimed that Giuliani had been briefed by the CIA which had been proved false.

If you want people to ever trust that the media is not a propaganda machine for Democrats then lets start right here with the easy stuff. Not doing the easy stuff makes it look like you’re not even trying to be honest. In fact, I’d say it even makes it fair for people to believe that you aren’t honest on purpose. If you really want to fix that simply have a little integrity.