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So, because that should be an unpleasant though to ANY actual American the GOP floats out BOGUS claims of fraud and BOGUS slogans like “every voter should have an ID ” to provide its members with a mental barrier between themselves and the SUPPRESSION, an EXCUSE so as to not have to consider the ATCUAL FACTS.

Bogus claims of fraud? BOGUS slogans like “every voter should have an ID”…. Bogus? And in the same paragraph you ask me to consider the “ACTUAL FACTS”.

You really don’t hear yourself do you?

I know that you believe this but if you really can’t even see the other side then how could you possibly think that you’re open minded? You believe unequivocally that the claim that every voter should have an id is “BOGUS”. In your mind it’s a closed case even though you’ve been presented with facts to the contrary which you’ve obviously dismissed. Facts like the poll I put up a while back that something like 77% of Americans believe you should have to present an ID to vote. But somehow you still come to the conclusion that the claim is “bogus” and claim that I’m not listening to your actual facts because I’m disingenuous or stupid.

Unlike you I can see how you come to some of your points. I think your logic is flawed for reasons that I’ve stated many times but I completely understand how you came to your conclusions. You on the other hand….