Natural Selection

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Went beyond OU and Bama last night and watched 6 more of his 2020 game cut ups. We live in an amazing time, I think every one of his 2020 starts have YouTube all pass play (if not snap) videos.

I was impressed by the volume and consistency of catchable throws to all sectors of the field, from the pocket. A lot of his incompletions were on target throws. Game after game he’s putting lots of downfield throws on the money. Not just to the NFL guys. Throwing back shoulder and contested balls where his guy should have the advantage. Hitting backs and delayed vertical or crossing routes in stride. Overall really good and consistent ball placement with throws that translate to what BA (assuming BL as well) like with their offense.

Dude played consistently tough/gritty. He was hard charging, head down, trying to run through defenses with 0 skill/talent at QB run game. Looking for and throwing effective blocks when plays broke down. Standing in and taking hits to throw downfield. I’m definitely happy with the consistent “football character”, desire to win, whatever you want to call it.

He seems to have an average release to me. Not overly labored or slow where it’s obviously going to cause problems. Seemed to still throw with good touch on the move to his right. Moves around ok in the pocket. Again, not scared to take shots delivering on what he sees. Took what I consider a low number of sacks for the level of pressure he got, imo.

Slow feet. Inconsistent footwork. Trouble throwing when moving left. Not good ball control in the pocket or on the move. Does not have arm strength to deliver off platform downfield.

I thought Jameis was going to be great, so what do I know? I watched all his FSU cut ups leading up to that draft. My opinion is Trask was the hands down more accurate thrower. I absolutely feel better about the prospect watching him more. I’m still not 100 on the strategy of picking him. Though no doubt now for me if dude has the drive to be great, Kyle Trask could be. His negatives are significant but shared with other great QBs. OU was the fluke though. Bama was legitimately representative of every other game I watched. Including his losses to LSU and A$M.