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You believe unequivocally that the claim that every voter should have an id is “BOGUS”

I posted the actual results of litigation in NC showing the NC GOP using data to craft an id policy that specifically excludes types used by African Americans

That is a fact. Revealed under duress.

I am only saying that the GOO uses the “truism” they every voter should be able to identify themselves to get people like you to ignore what was uncovered in NC (as only one example)

I posted about post boxes on reservations , Michigan GOP and Florida GOP reversing their own absentee ballot laws (or the laws passed by their own people)

You can take the absurd position that all of these facts actually mean nothing, but your look like a total partisan clown

Even more so when you repeatedly twist things to absurdity ie “every” snd “all”


The very height of “white privilege” is willfully dismissing actual fact because the suppression impacts someone else. fair is fair. Unfair is unfair. Simple