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Greenwald is a fucking clown.

From Snowden to supporting Guliani…

This article is the antithesis of what I hate about that fucking hack.

Bitches about biased media, then runs to Tucker FUCKING Carlson to get his hits.

He’s a fucking clown… once respectable like Rand Paul. Now he’s just another right-wing clown that turns a blind eye to literal disinformation while yelling at clouds.

I’ll mark jbear (and Greenwald) down for loving NYP (no comment on their retraction lol) and they are the same syndicate that went after the Hunter Biden laptop.

Let’s get real… Giuliani is guilty. How guilty, and how far we don’t know… but we can connect the dots quite easily to Russia.

Greenwald is currently yelling about woke culture on Twitter. “Woke” beyond the Peewee’s Playhouse word of the day. Socialism just isn’t quite hitting like it used to.