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The guy has only had two years of starting and he put up major numbers in year 2. That’s the definition of upside to me. Some people are just late bloomers. Low risk high reward for sure.

Is he gonna be our starting qb of the future for the long haul? If we all had to put money on it probably not but I have no problem taking the chance in the position we are currently in. He has some upside and has Brady to learn from. Like I said worse situations to be in and I think the luxury position the team is in afforded us the ability to take a chance on a project. If he works out great we don’t have to invest in a qb. If he doesn’t work out I’m not really gonna lose sleep over it. This whole draft we were looking for depth. How much is any player we choose in this draft going to play this year. How much do they normally play when choosing from that 32 spot position? Maybe you can get a guy or two from there but I doubt it’s a very high number and mostly depth guys. Why not take a shot on a guy to maybe be your qb of the future without having to invest a whole lot.