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I don’t think we are racist. There are far worse places to be. Also usa was the first to abolish slavery besides I think UK was before us but we were one of the first. However there are things that need to be fixed and I think that is where people are getting the idea that we are racist but it’s also because they have never lived anywhere else. So there is ignorance on both sides. I’m not gonna sit here and say we are perfect because we’re far from it but at least for the most part people are not hating another race like I think media likes to portray it is. At the same time it boggles my mind that a cop can’t figure out what’s right and not to do. But allow me to explain my stance and I hope people consider this fair.
I think that some ideas that are considered racist are not actually racist it’s just used to as an excuse to dismiss something. While some that aren’t considered racist are actually indeed racist. Allow me to explain.

This whole wokeness movement stuff is actually pretty racist when you think about it. When you read between the lines it’s like they are saying that minorities can’t be successful unless are given a hand and that is some of the biggest bs out there. While I do think some are discriminated by the color of their skin or gender and it should never happen but does, but people of all races and genders are in positions of power and it was done through hard work and dedication. Anybody can be successful and that is not the case in some other countries.

Anybody can put their head down and achieve something great. Which is the best way to achieve something, being handed something because we want more color to be successful is racist and kind of a swipe saying we can’t achieve that without taking away from another and without handing you on a silver platter which never helped anybody grow or evolve to be better people. This goes for anybody who is handed something on a silver platter. So I think the idea of privilege is very flawed and people aren’t thinking of it all as a whole. People who are handed things don’t get what is meant to get out of it. We also don’t value things we are just handed as much as things we worked hard at. I think everyone that can use their mind has the capability to do great things and evolve!

The other thing I consider racist that most people don’t consider is racist is the welfare state. Same kind of issue where we are incentivizing laziness and being handed stuff for nothing. While there are people out there who need help and need a safety net is fine but people just being lazy and not working just to get hand outs is not a way to grow or become better people but it’s so much easier in life to sit and collect. Some people have a real hard time putting their head down and working hard but I think that while it’s not fair that somebody who is super smart can easily get a good job vs somebody not as privileged to be smart like that has to work that much harder at his craft to make it, but if we made it so we just handed it out there is not much reward for that and somebody who is not as smart will feel great to achieve something great while someone who is handed stuff for no work becomes jaded and entitled for things in life and that is where the crap attitudes come from.

Learning, growing, taking responsibility for your lives is far more rewarding for somebody than it is for someone who just wants to be lazy and collect. And I think the country has to limit its spending on welfare state because we are making a bigger part of population lazier and entititled which makes the country worse.

How we improve that is get more jobs in our country and not export them which we are doing the opposite right now. Bigger government only makes people rely on more government and especially in a time like now where we have taken a hit financially it’s not the worst thing to have people rely a little more on outside source but we can’t do it long term. We have to create more jobs and get people reliant on themselves as more government reliance means less freedom for the people and more control over the people which is in itself racist, oppressive, and extremely limiting to one’s personal potential. Blaming others for your failures in life does nothing for you but make you bitter. Limiting one’s potential in life increases depression.

So if it was up to me, I wouldn’t be talking about race, I’d be talking about what makes some people’s life not as good as others and teach that to people. We need to reward good behavior and dismiss poor lazy behavior. There is successful behavior and habits that successful people do and have and that’s not taught in schools. Also some people are different than others in what their skills sets are, we need to do a better job with every single person in finding what that is is more people will be successful and happy in life. Schools just teach bs and doesn’t help people in life. I think a reform at the school level is needed in all places not just poor areas. Start in the Schools and people will be better and will ultimately treat each other better because equal opportunity not equal results will improve the nature of people. People need to feel and see the incentive in going for it or they will never believe and that has to change.

The talk about race doesn’t help it just divides people. We need to get beyond that. I thought we did years ago but was mistaken by that. I know several black people that don’t feel like a victim because they are black. This victim hood is a cancer and will not help black people evolve. The woke culture is not going to help this. Only create more victims. Again not good for growth. Which is the ultimate goal. Also the crab in the bucket mentality in the ghettos are creating black on black crime and in other poor areas. If a person is willing to go work hard and be somebody that is considered “white” by some neighborhoods and that is a shame. It’s cooler to be ghetto and adopt gangster rap culture. Which is limiting in mentality and will only cause depression and hatred later in life because that is not what people respond to positively.

This is my two cents on everything.