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If you dive deep enough into films watchers you can find videos of anyone saying anyone was a steal. Probably even Trask! But Kollmann is fairly respected so I was surprised when I saw his Tryon takes also.

Tryon is a traits guy. The traits might be overblown a touch. The one I look at mostly is 10 yard split for get off ability and 1.64 is good not great. On tape I see edge rushers who get out of their stance faster. But 6’5, 260, 34 inch arms is very good. PFF is one who isn’t a fan of Tryon. The reason for this is they measure mostly off what have you proven, how consistent and dominating you are you rep to rep.

The thing I personally worry about (which Kollman mentions) is Tryon is a bit tight hipped when trying to go around the edge. He is not going to win like Shaq Barrett or Von Miller. He is going to need to win with a blend of speed and power. Tryon has dominate reps on tape but they are few and few between compared to someone like an Ojulari. Kollmann is likely extrapolating to say those dominate reps will become way more consistent.

The Bucs would be hoping the same but it is a high risk reward pick for sure. There is bust potential based on his lack of college production but it could go either way.