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Shaq is 6′ 2, so when he leans into the tackle, (who will almost always be taller,) he can get under the tackle’s pads and leverage him out of the way. It will be harder for a 6′ 6″ guy to do that but if Tryon can bend, get low and keep his power, he can do the same thing, he just has to approach it a bit differently.

Jon goes by the 3 cone alot so I’ve been paying attention to that. He runs a respectable 7.18, same as JPP, Barrett’s is 6.9 but he is a bit smaller i think. Tryon’s 10 yard split is actually faster than Barrett’s, so you would think he might beat the tackle to the corner and can change direction to either stay around the outside corner or do a swim move inside.

Either way, his measured numbers suggest he can do it and he can still bull rush guys bigger than him. I read somewhere that he was the only guy to blow through Penei Sewell. Now Sewell returned the favor but he will compete out there, no question.