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I admit my post was wrongfully all-inclusive. I apologize for that. I know that there are many, many fine folks who vote Republican for reasons other than hate and fear. Most of my family are Republicans, and they are fine, polite people who generally treat others with respect. But they are sick.

The GOP used to be a respectful political party that believed in democracy, the rule of law, and the U. S. Constitution. After years and years of Rush Limbaugh and his ilk, that changed. The powers that ran the GOP decided that hate and fear mobilized and energized voters like nothing else, so they fed them a steady diet of it. The GOP was taken over by the Tea Party people who believe it must be their way or nothing. Compromise became a dirty word, with any and everyone who would come to any agreement with the enemy Democrats was forced out. And the hate faction of the GOP festered constantly beneath it all.

Then along came Donald Trump, the pathological lying, mentally ill, con-man dictator wannabe. He out-hated the Party of Hate and stole the damned party right out from under the noses of the GOP powers. He openly fostered the hate groups and used them, along with the Bible-thumpers, and the gun nuts (who “would rather cut <their> own throat(s) than vote Democrat” to victory in 2016.

And good people like you went right along. You might justify your vote for the party hate and fear for financial reasons, or for any one of a number of other things. You might say you had no idea Trump was such a narcissist that wants power for life. But the simple fact is that the GOP is currently a fascist party seeking authoritarianism for the United States of America and those voting GOP for any reason are enabling them.

It’s time to put the nation before anything you’re currently using to justify voting for the GOP. If you can’t see your way to that, then you are just another one of the sick.

And I mean that in the most respectful of ways. Sincerely.