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The GOP has become so brainwashed by decades of hate and fear that they are no longer capable of distinguishing right from wrong. Their constituents have gotten their daily dose of hate from right-wing talk radio that they hate Democrats more than anyone on the face of the earth. They’ll willingly elect, follow, and idolize a man who has only one goal: to become America’s Putin. Fascism is just fine with Trump voters because then they’ll finally be able to treat others (read “people who don’t look or act like them”) the way they should be treated.

And the elected GOP officer-holders are truly the lowest. Every last one of them know who and what Trump is, but they’ll gladly kiss his ass or any other thing Trump tells them to in oder to keep their powerful job. They’ll suck anything to keep that job title – to Hell with the stinking USA or the damned Constitution!

They’re sick, very, very sick. And I fear that the cure will come only with the cost of countless American lives.

Guess who holds the purse strings for the entire Republican Party? If you don’t kiss Trumps, behind you will be left behind. The MAGA show isn’t over. Its just getting warmed up, and there’s no Vaccine for MAGA. Well the only vaccine will be if the Republicans get trounced in 2022 because they are driving away the middle.

So sell your soul to Trump, or keep it and find another job. To me the choice is easy. Give me a mop or a lawn mower or a socket wrench. I’ll push some shopping carts at Walmart before I have to kiss that guy’s ass. But that’s just me.