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Crown us.

Brady dgaf about his back ups.

Never has, never will.

Don’t blame him one bit.

He has his own goals to accomplish.

lmao @ brady the mentor. More PR then anything. By the time Trask starts or plays Brady will be retired. Come throw with me! Omg hes a mentor!

I could see brady helping griffin or gabbert more, since theres a chance they play.

Yeah its PR, but that counts for something. Brady is not going to take Trask under his wing and tutor him from 5 to 7 on Tuesday and Thursday. But he is making a statement that he is supportive of a new QB on the team.

We have Clyde Christiansen, QB coach, who is getting paid to coach QBs and I don’t think Tom Brady needs a lot of coaching. Maybe he can spend some time with Trask. And we have an ex-QB as OC. We have Gabbert and Griffin with a lot more time on their hands, because they aren’t in charge of winning games right now. What is Brady going to do that all those guys can’t do? Not much. But welcoming the new guy in and throwing the ball around with him is a good way to get things started.