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Are you a mind reader? How do you know what Brady cares about?

Exactly right. Im a mind reader.

I’m a lifelong u of m fan. As well as bucs. Also big HS football fan. Have followed him longer then some here have been alive.

I’m thrilled he cares more about himself & winning then mentoring. Name me 1 back up he has helped develop, mentor, bring along, in his 25+ years of playing football. Ill wait. Again anything public he does. Oh he reached out to trask! Oh he invited him to throw! More pr, being a team guy, etc. I promise you he doesnt give 2 shits about trask, & again one of my favorite traits of his. Do you. Team first. Trask is an afterthought & will in no way shape or form EVER see the field while brady is a member of this organization. As a player anyway. Even if brady got hurt would be gabbert or Griffin.

Any of them been relevant? Jimmy G? Sort of? Lol..

Actions speak louder than words. Contunue to do what you do, thomas. You’re 43. Don’t change who you are now good sir! You’re the GOAT for a reason!