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So much for the Naysayers screaming that Brady wouldn’t mentor Trask. That argument just got tossed.

At this point, Trask poses him zero threat and he knows it. Definitely not a jimmy G situation. No reason not to do right by the kid.

Brady never had an issue with Jimmy G. What pissed TB12 off was the way Belichick handled the situation. Bill had made the decision it was time to move on from Brady and felt Jimmy G was the heir apparent. Brady still had clout within the organization at that point with Kraft. That whole situation in NE was the beginning of the end for TB12 with the Patriots.

Indeed. Point being that situation will never happen here. Before anyone thinks it’s time for Trask to take over, if they ever do, Brady will be long finished on his own accord. He’s going to get the chance here to roll until the wheels fall off here, and he knows it