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If anyone actually thinks Ian Book is better than Jameis or Taysom, you need to stop huffing paint.

Like him, hate him, or be otherwise indifferent towards him, Jameis Winston has produced nearly 20,000 passing yards 122 TD’s 88 picks with 1,000 yards rushing and 10 rushing TD’s. He is immensely talented but horribly inconsistent.

But I’m no fan of Dirk Koetter, I think the guy is one of the most over rated and most predictable OC’s in the league, and he has yet to develop a QB. Shanahan took over the same exact offense and turned Matt Ryan into the MVP of the league that year. Koetter did Jameis no favors and stunted his development.

That’s why I was open to us bringing back Jameis for a 2nd year of learning under Arians, Leftwich, Christesen and Moore. Until it became public knowledge that Brady actually wanted to come to Tampa and then I was all aboard the Brady train.

But Sean Payton and Drew Brees both gave Jameis glowing reviews and maybe he can be what he was supposed to be coming out of FSU. I’ m hoping not because I hate the Saints, but it’s possible. And would be very in line with Bucs history.

Jameis is a bust, and an incredibly low IQ individual. He was given every luxury, and failed. He can make a super bowl caliber team sub .500 , what else needs to be said?