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If you listened to Pewter Report Podcast with Trevor Sikkema, then he posits what I was positing about drafting a QB this year – it’s bad asset management.

First, let’s assume Brady will be QB’ing for the next two seasons. Drafting a QB after the first round means you have only four years of control. If Brady quits football after two seasons, then the team has only two seasons to see what they have in Trask or any other QB. If Brady quits after three seasons, then that’s one season left to evaluate at the NFL level.

We could have drafted a QB next draft to give us an extra season of evaluation. Nothing against Trask here with asset management.

With that said, Sikkema also identified that Trask doesn’t have a big arm and doesn’t fit a vertical offense. Without an arm to get into a tight window, then Trask is limited to become old man Brees who couldn’t throw deep.

Remember how Licht traded up for a kicker in the 2nd round? Yeah… that’s this bad asset management.