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It is like some of you guys cannot comprehend information or more likely have no shame in being dishonest. Liz Cheney is not being asked to lie, she is being asked to do her job. If she wants to go on CNN and MSNBC everyday and crap on Trump because he talked crap about her daddy, she has every right to do it as an elected representative. She will only have to answer to her constituency. She cannot display her thin skin and cause division in the party as a member of leadership where he role is to communicate the party message and not make problems for Republican members of the house….which is exactly what she is doing. As a member of leadership, she should not even be talking about 2020….and in her role in leadership, she has to answer to the Republican members of House.

If Steny Hoyer was going on Fox News and claiming that Pelosi & Democrats were dishonest about Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, the mainstream media would not be championing him as the one honest member of the Democrat party. No, they would be demanding the House Democrats remove him from his position in leadership. There were 10 House Republican members that voted to impeach Trump, and some are similar to Cheney in continuing to attack Trump and his supporters (Adam Kinzinger) and House Republicans are not taking any action against any of them because they are not in leadership.

None of this matters as Cheney knows she will be retired in 2022 by Wyoming voters.