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My 2 cents on Trask;

Pros: 1. pocket awareness. Isn’t mobile and that’s well documented but he can sense and shift a pocket better than anyone else on this draft. IMO his best attribute.
2. Touch. Trask has amazing level 2 throws. Level 1 being a Lazer, level 3 being a high arching deep ball and level 2 a mid-level looping fastball with touch.
3. Smart. Seems to understand the game he’s in and that is evident when watching him because you can feel that he is the one the offense runs through.

Cons: 1. Arm strength; haven’t seen a level 1 throw or level 3 throw that impressed me. He will need to be able to utilize these in the NFL.
2. Mechanics; doesn’t seem to connect his lower half enough with his throwing motion, likely the reason arm strength is an issue, fixable but no guarantees and messing with a throwing motion is like messing with a golf swing can be disastrous.