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Ian beckles on , Tryon

Beckles emphasizes that he believes nothing is a greater waste of time than a mock draft.

“Draft grades are equally stupid to me,” Beckles added.

So Beckles began to break down his analysis of first-round pick Joe Tryon. Beckles likes what he sees and doesn’t expect Tryon to be the next Gaines Adams.

“Once again, I don’t want to sit here and say I watched all the film,” Beckles began. “But, I did go and review some of his film. Not like a scout would do it. I just went to YouTube like everybody else would do it and pulled up a bunch of his film.”

And Beckles admitted YouTube video of almost all players are highlights, which can be a bad trap.

“So I can tell you this: I liked what I saw and I normally don’t like what I see,” Beckles said. Tryon is “a defensive end and he is very long, which is good. He plays with great leverage. He makes big plays. He ran a 4.6 [40-yard dash] which is pretty good.

“He’s physical, OK? That is the word to me that is important in this game of football. When you see a defensive end or a defensive tackle running around people, I don’t want to see that. Because that is not going to happen in the league. You are not going to run around anybody in the league. You better run through somebody in the NFL.

“And I remember when the Buccaneers drafted Gaines Adams and when they drafted Gerald McCoy. I did the same [filmwork] for those guys. Right away with Gaines Adams I go, ‘He don’t have no strength. And he don’t have any power.’

“And what I said about Gerald McCoy, was what other people said as well, ‘Oh well, he has a great get-off but he doesn’t make many plays.’ Well dammit, that’s what he was in the league.

“They never panned out.”