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I don’t think I am overestimating Onwuzurike. I’ve made it clear several times now that if we had gone that route we could have and should have traded down to get him.

I am however questioning the upside that everyone mentions when discussing/justifying the Tryon pick. He did test well athletically, but I have seen plenty of guys come and go through many years of watching the combine that tested incredibly well, but looked unimpressive on the field, and turned out to be either busts or nothing special role players/special teamers in the NFL. And I have seen guys that looked awesome on tape but didn’t have great combines, Orlando Brown Jr. probably being the ultimate extreme, that turned out to be pretty damn good players in the NFL Because they were good at football at the highest level.

Tryon has the body of a super hero*, and has a high athletic ceiling and could potentially be coached up, but I haven’t seen him demonstrate anything to this point that shows me he’s very good at all at playing football.