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Take the time out of your day and actually watch the full games that are* available to watched on youtube and you can see it for yourself and tell me I’m wrong.

I may not be able to break the game down technically at the highest like Jon Ledyard or NFL Scouts/Gm’s can. But I have eyes and I know what I see.

On the overwhelming majority of his snaps where Joe Tryon’s responsibility is to pin his ears back and rush the QB, he looks lost. He doesn’t win with good handwork or skill or great flexibility and speed around the edge. His get off is ok but nothing great and he doesn’t look like he is anticipating snap counts.

He’s physical and doesn’t shy away from contact, and he has a good motor, but he doesn’t really appear to have any kind of rush plan or primary/counter moves that he can win with even remotely consistently. And for as big and as strong as he looks he gets pushed around in the run game and very rarely wins with speed to power and bull rush a tackle into a QB’s lap.

When he wins pass reps fast enough to impact the QB, it’s usually due to playing against bad tackles or tight ends. He’ll win with hustle a few times a game too but rarely is able to effect the QB after those hustle wins.

He does however look fluid dropping into coverage. Maybe it was a stretch to say its the best part of his game. But it’s certainly one of them. Yeah, he is big and muscular, and pretty good athlete with a motor and he’s physical. But he doesn’t display a lot of skill or instincts for rushing the passer, and there’s no guarantee he will ever develop them. So he is a project. Typically those guys get picked on day 2 or 3, not in the 1st round.