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Lmao, good looking out there my guy! I was definitely spot on about MJ Stewart, will never understand what Licht saw in that guy or how he could possibly be higher on Lichts board than Donte Jackson, or Carlton Davis for that matter but luckily we still got CD24 and he’s a baller.

Although I have to be honest, in that same thread I also said I didn’t think Jordan Whitehead would be anything special and was bummed out because I had fully bought into the Shaquem Griffin hype train lol. Griffin hasn’t done anything in the league and Whitehead has become a damn fine player.

I guess I was thrown off with Whitehead because he took so many snaps at RB in college and I was concerned that he kind of looked better as a RB than as a Safety lol, although even in college he was known for lighting people up.

Not to toot my own horn, but far more often than not if I have a bad/good feeling about one of our 1st or 2nd round picks I turn out to be right. Hopefully this year I’m totally wrong because I’m not thrilled about Tryon or Trask.