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Still bad asset management. Licht went after flash again than foundation.

Remember drafting an OLB Spence for a 4-3 defense? It didn’t make sense then or now. In that same draft, Licht traded up for a K in the second round. We weren’t even close to being a complete team!

In 2018, we drafted a run only RB for a vertical offense in the 2nd round… when we needed a starting G! We were looking at Quenton Nelson at 7th overall, but wait till the bottom of the 3rd round for a non-athletic LT to be turned iOL in Cappa. Cappa looks good now, but that’s a project player and not a starter.

I’d rather wait until 2022 and use our first round pick + to move up some spots to grab a QB, not 64th overall. Like you said, we’re meant to win now. We can set up for the future today. It’s easier to win when everything is in place first. See Brady to Bucs.