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Can we remove this cult-like devotion to Licht, for fucks sake?

It’s still OK to be critical of the moves he makes. Winning it all doesn’t make him infallible.

I’m gonna root for anyone we draft to be successful, regardless of whether I think the pick is trash.

I wanted Winston to be successful. I even wanted Aguayo to be successful… but we knew coming in all the issues.

I don’t like this pick because:
– he wasn’t the best qb on the board
– he could have been had later and even if we couldn’t, there were other options
– you don’t take projects in the 2nd, you take players that can see the field
– his style doesn’t fit Arians’ offense
– could have drafted much needed o-line depth

Odds of success here, meaning a starting NFL qb, are ridiculously low…

I’m a Ducks fan and don’t give two shits about him playing at Florida… and Licht has certainly done enough lately to give him the benefit of the doubt.

But this is a bad pick.