Boid Fink

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Well that’s a horrible waste of talent. If you draft a guy who sucks and cut him for a player who is average at best, then it’s a poor decision. This pick is a garbage pick. Don’t let the people who cannot express themselves because of message board machismo fool you. He is a terrible selection. Licht pick all the way, Arians is not drafting a project QB. He isn’t developing a third string er to rain in his parade.

Even if Griffin is clearly the better guy in training camp, which I’m not saying he will be, but even if he is, there is zero chance that Trask doesn’t win the #3 job.

You don’t spend a 2nd round pick on a guy and put him on the practice squad where he can get poached. So he’s virtually a lock to make the roster.

Why the Trask hate? I think the better question is why did we take a QB with virtually no upside to sit on the bench for 2-3 years when we are trying to repeat as Super Bowl champions NOW?