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Given how the draft fell, i probably would have selected the following

1 – OLB Joe Tyron, Washington
2 – DE Joseph Ossai, Texas
3 – OL Robert Hainsey, Notre Dame
4 – LB Tony Fields, West Virginia
5 – C Trey Hill, Georgia
6 – no pick, used in trade
7 – CB Chris Wilcox, BYU
7 – DT Marvin Wilson, Florida State

I wasn’t a fan of the back-up QB or kick returner selections but other than that, i didnt mind the actual draft that much.

I don’t hate on Kyle Trask; i just think Brady has 2 years starting at the very least and we could have potentially drafted a QB next year. As for the WR; i just didnt see the need with our stacked corps.

The draft i reflected was more about getting depth on the offensive and defensive lines and we have potential replacements for Cappa, Jensen, Gholston, Suh, JPP next year; albeit if we win again this year; run it back again :)

Same, bruh.

Loving this draft, sans trask. The WR im totally cool with. Needed a receiver like him. Immediately becomes our tyreek hill.

Just will never for the life of me understand the Trask selection. The fun part is no one will know for sure if its a good pick for years. But all I know is he sure isn’t helping us this year or next! Would’ve been nice to add some idl depth, ol, or rb instead!