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Here you go again. Pretending like it’s YOU who isn’t the bitch here. So reactionary of other opinions…about a football player…on a message board. The tree in this forest is you, and it is covered in rainbow lights and tinsel of the most fabulous sparkles. We get it, you don’t like people saying they hate Trask the selection. Guess what Sally? Deal with it. Trask was a dumb selection. He offers nothing…

It seems the same can be said of you. Your vigorous responses mean your a sensitive sally who doesn’t like people judging other athletes in a subjective message board? Not hypocritical at all, lol! You’re just as bad as a knitting hen.

Lolz @ the trask defenders.

But..he’ll beat griffin! Really? I hope so..

But..he’ll beat gabbert! Really? I hope so.

2nd round pick for a #4 qb, as stands.

No, licht isnt god. Nor is trump. Nor is Musk.

Fucking terrible pick. Bump this in 3 years. I pray to god im wrong.

Very doubtful.

Mental illness on full display ^

Lmao. Way to bring a new perspective to the discussion! *claps*

Imagine posting on a football message board solely to talk shit.

Is your life that pathetic, therapist?

Just do what your best at. Sitting in your parents basement biting pillows. Teehee.

You’re hysterical and nonsensical on a message board, it’s a bad look. Also, you’re presumably a grown man, no? Quit with the “lolz” and “teehee” like a 13 yr old girl, even if you have similar testosterone levels. Musk and trump have nothing to do with anything, much less trask, you’re truly cracking before our eyes. Pathetic.

Much like your life partner, it appears you can’t see the forest through the trees. It’s not about the opinion of the player, I have great doubts about trask myself. It’s the hysterical and constant spewing of the same vapid, emotional, effeminate whining that you two constantly exhibit, on the majority of threads on this board. Quit whining and let the more stable among us discuss football.

Nice visual, you’re probably pretty good at interior decorating as well. Double down all you want, you still post in an effeminate, Non-respectable, and intellectually bereft manner. Everyone on the board is laughing at your mental crisis.You are very possibly right on trask, it doesn’t mean your father is any less disappointed in you as a man. The more posts you make whining about an inconsequential 2nd(3rd) round pick, the more people lose interest in the “opinions” you express, on the message board you hold so dear. It’s not too late to stop.

Lol. I have yet to see anyone “laugh” at Boid nor myself. & if they do I doubt either of us give a flying fuck.

We come here to talk football.

You come here to start shit.

I’m the pathetic one? If someone doesnt agree with you 100% you call them names. On an online message board. Lolz! Teehee! But I’m pathetic. Silly rabbit.