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Rosen is a mental case.

So is Debucsown and Boidfink.

We’re mental cases because we hate that our second round pick will in no shape way or form will help us win a super bowl this year nor next?

Copy that.

The Bucs have enough young talent on this team to win and win big after Brady retires. Would you rather have a young QB sit behind Brady and learn for two seasons and be ready to take over the reigns and keep the team a contender or scramble to find a QB and go through all the growing pains once Brady retire? Seems pretty obvious to me.

How’d the FA signing of Brady work for us?

Would’ve preferred to go all in on someone like russ, rodgers, or watson(doubtful now. Not really interested)

Give me a proven qb over a developmental qb that needs to redshirt for 1 if not 2 years and has a VERY limited ceiling. Especially for a second rounder. Please & thank you.