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The main reason I’ve seen for all the Trask hate is that he won’t contribute THIS YEAR.

I don’t get that argument. Barring injury, name me the rookie who was going to take snaps away from a starter? Any starter?

There were none is the answer. No rookie available at the end of round 2 was ever going to take away reps from a starter.

What we did need was better ST talent, which we acquired in the late rounds and in FA.

No position holds a higher value than QB, so if they are able to prepare Trask to take over when Brady retires this will be looked back on as a pure genius pick.

In the meantime we can listen to the Red Board geniuses, who have never missed on a single draft pick. Y’all are 0 for 0.

GottaJaboo wrote:
(Justin) Evans will be far superior to (Budda) Baker in the pros.

Dan Skipper Sucks! (lost bet)
Update – UDFA Dan Skipper has been signed by the Dallas Cowboys