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The main reason I’ve seen for all the Trask hate is that he won’t contribute THIS YEAR.

I don’t get that argument. Barring injury, name me the rookie who was going to take snaps away from a starter? Any starter?

There were none is the answer. No rookie available at the end of round 2 was ever going to take away reps from a starter.

What we did need was better ST talent, which we acquired in the late rounds and in FA.

No position holds a higher value than QB, so if they are able to prepare Trask to take over when Brady retires this will be looked back on as a pure genius pick.

In the meantime we can listen to the Red Board geniuses, who have never missed on a single draft pick. Y’all are 0 for 0.

Qbs don’t get hurt. Well, brady doesn’t. Again, has once in 21 years. Brady rule took place immediately after.

Any other position is 100x(just guessing) more likely to get hurt than qbs. They can’t be hit low, high, Slammed, etc.

Today’s NFL protects qbs. No other position maybe sans kickers or punters.