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Who could the Bucs have drafted at that spot? There were a lot of solid upside guys, with ability to contribute immediately should need arise…and make a difference. Trask is not that guy. It was a crappy pick because in a few years some guys we could have selected are going to be shining. And could help with cap issues in the future. And Trask isn’t going to have a future in the NFL because he won’t be throwing to generational tight end talent and a wide out who is glazing fast. He will not have the same weapons, I’m sick of explaining this to you homers. This was a shit pick. Simple as that. If you can’t dig it, fine. But don’t go scurrying when I come back and tell you all, like with Trent Richardson, that this is a bust.

This was one pick in a draft I thought was solid otherwise. Some of your home rush tendencies are showing. This was a solid value pick the Bucs wasted. This is not to be taken lightly, as some of you have assumed. Resting on a solid roster is a fools paradise. You always mine for gold. This wasn’t doing that. This was being weak and lazy.

So you ain’t gonna make a pick?