Natural Selection

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Exactly, Brady coming back to play the 2023 season is not guaranteed. So my focus would be building a roster that makes him not want to hang it up in 2023. A roster that tempts him for yet another ring run. Again, I couldn’t care much less about what comes AFTER Tom Brady. In many ways, I think a couple down years to reset the cap and draft from closer to 1st would give us a better chance to rebound to the top quicker than rolling straight through with a super dynasty. I also think there’s just as good a chance to find quality QBing from the FA market after Brady than the draft. Or by trading for an aging vet on a team looking to reset. So I would have much rather used pick 64 on literally any other position. I think back up QB is going to be the least important factor when Tom is deciding whether to roll “one more time” in 2023. I want to give the Bucs the best chance of getting Tom back for as many “one more time” seasons as possible. That would be my only focus until Tom said: “It’s definitely over, dude.” At that point, I’d start looking at college QBs. As well as whether there are vet options/stop gaps. I think trying to plan around rolling right into the next “franchise QB” is the silly pipe dream that is objectively stupid trying to plan for. Trying to gauge multiple years of QB drafts into the future being right up there. Say “hi” Zach Wilson……