Alldaway 2.0

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Yeah this is easy.

If they want names I can go down the list easily.

Ossai went to the Bengals. Ossai is a clear upgrade over Nelson and Gill. Having a rotation of JPP, Shaq, Tryon and Ossai is how you improve your chances at a Super Bowl repeat.

Mayfield and Christensen that went to NFCS rivals both are going to be solid OL. Paired with the Hainsey selection in the third the Bucs could have had much better depth on the OL and a pair of future starters to line up next to Wirfs.

I think the Lions drafted a much better DT in McNeil in this round than the previous round. McNeil would be day 1 rotation with Suh and Vea.

Robinson from UCF is easily a more talented and polished CB far better than Herb Miller and Wilcox.

Odighizuwa plays with great leverage and would have been a great fit for Bowles scheme.

Divine Deablo is basically a younger D. Buccanon that can play a DB/LB hybrid role which the raiders will be doing under their new defensive scheme.

D. Brown as insurance if Godwin leaves in 2022 while also providing depth this year.

Ben Cleveland another OL the Bucs could have nabbed.

Then there were players like Ronnie Perkins, Meinerz, Tufele, Barnes, Shelvin that went after the Hainsey pick.

Build the trenches!