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Why ruin a great offseason by literally throwing a pick away? He could have drafted Q. Minerz who is a dog in the trenches, had a good senior bowl, and would be an instant plug and play guy with little loss of talent from starter to backup. And he might be a cap relief type player when Jensen or Cappa come asking for big money.
Just a shitty pick fit many reasons, the big one being the loss of quality immediate talent, an immediate contingency plan for cap and personnel purposes, and Trask being a menial NFL talent. Just a terrible pick. The other selections were solid. This was a Licht boneheaded selection through and through. You guys who suckle at Lichts teat are hilarious.

This is Jason Licht. There is always a need for stupidity in the draft for him. Think of it as his calling card.

After an A+ offseason “How dare he pick Trask?” OH THE HUMANITY! TOO FUNNY!

Like all GM’s they all make mistakes. Despite your opinion the jury is still out on whether TRASK is a good pick or bad. That is a fact.