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jbitch is silent. I hope he goes back to fantasy land with trump and all the other anti-amerians.

It’s called having a life dickhead. What’s wrong with you anyway? You’re taking the normal “Fire” stupid to unimagined new lows. You and the two ding dongs can have your little sit around in your underwear and tickle each other party as long and as often as you like…. I really don’t give a shit.

But the unbridled hypocrisy of you leftist loons deserves to be mocked. If you were alive in the years 2000A.D through 2008A.D. You might know a little something about the inhuman levels of hatred and vitriol directed at one Dick Cheney…. that happens to be this horrible woman’s father. She’s done a great job of capitalizing on her dad’s legacy and politics to make herself rockstar famous but now it’s time to pay the piper. Dick Cheney was basically the Donald Trump of the 2000’s. Praising Liz Cheney is akin to you lunatics in 10 years praising Ivanka for being against the 2030 flavor of the day “white devil” Republican menace.

This happens every single time Democrats lose a Presidential election. Do I think Trump was a good President, no I do not. Do I think half of all the nonsense was manufactured by sniveling, Trust fund baby antifa fascists…..yes I do.

You dickheads are totally out of control. I can’t even point out the obvious hypocrisy and bullshit from side good guy without you all steadfastly beleiving that I support Donald Trump in 2024 and believe every Qanon conspiracy theory. You’re all three of you…. four of you counting DH who’s gone completely bananas this last year… you are all out of your effing skulls. This thread deserves mocking. The whitewashing of history for a few political points.