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Liz Cheney the people’s hero.

whitewashing of history



Irony Meet Karma….

The fact you even bring up Hunter Biden’s laptop as some sort of defense is just mind boggling. I know you aren’t a complete moron because I’ve seen you string together a few coherent sentences in a row.

The Hunter Story was actively suppressed to thunderous cheers from the left. And that is why it was such a story. And here you are still blaming Trump for Hunter being a loser? It is proven that the laptop is not Russian disinformation as was claimed by you and others. The story existed because Hunter is a loser period. Sorry that hurts the savior of the universe but that’s the way the cookie crumbles in a free society. Now, in an authoritarian mega state team good guy gets to decide what is worthy of the daily news cycle for the good of everyone. Thanks to people like me we don’t yet live in your wonderful city of the future. Your grandkids can thank me later.

I can’t even believe your hypocrisy sometimes. It’s got to be a troll.