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My Predictions:

First quarter – VS Dallas, VS ATL, @RAMS, @Patriots – 3-1.

I can’t see Tom losing to the Patriots but do see us dropping a close one to the Rams on the road, maybe a field goal difference.

second quarter – vs MIA, @PHI, VS CHI, @NO – 3-1; 6-2 overall

New Orleans, the last two seasons, showed that they can win without Drew Brees so i dont necessarily see them being a gimme win. I ultimately see us, splitting with them.

third quarter – @WAS, VS NYG, @IND, @ATL, VS Bills – 4-1; 10-3 overall

think we will drop either the Indy or Buffalo game; let’s go with Buffalo

4th quarter – VS NO, @CAR, @NYJ, CAR – 4-0′ 14-3 Overall

4-0 again to end the season; remind you of anything?