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Regular season


Bold. I hope man.

We won’t be as lucky this year injury wise, unfortunately.

We were lucky injury wise?

We lost OJ Howard for and Vita Vea for pretty much the whole season

We didnt have our stud safety or Antonio Brown for the championship game

i mean other than an injury to “the chosen one” we have some pretty solid depth on this team

that being said, no way the team goes undefeated. i mean everyone is thinking we will play like the team possessed in the playoffs. I do believe we will be more close to that team than the 7-5 team last year but still see us losing 3-4 games.

Yep. We were very lucky injury wise compared to most teams!

Who was out for the year? OJ howard. And…buehler? Anyone?

Blessed indeed.

Vita Vea was out for most of the year. He returned for championship game, one we didnt have AWJ or AB for.

We lost our starting guard for most of the playoff run. Rojo was banged up last quarter of season and playoff run.

it was our depth that mitigated the severity of these injuries. I dont follow the Chiefs or GB well but they lost key offensive lineman which is a huge blow.

Aside from TB12 or one of our OTs; i think we have solid depth on offensive to weather any storm. Dont get me wrong, all our stomachs dropped when Evans went down in the ATL game but just saying we could likely win with the depth we have at WR.

on defense, the defensive line depth is weak but i like our depth in the secondary and linebacker corps.