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It will depend on injury like always. The Bucs had the healthiest team last season by games missed due to injury and/or covid. Think about that…out of all 32 teams the Bucs had the best injury luck.

That won’t happen again. Is there enough depth in the trenches to limit the impact of injury to key guys? I am not sure. If you’re subbing in Josh Wells for Wirfs or Smith you aren’t winning many games.

The Bucs are an old team and their vets went hard last year snap % wise. I think they will try to ease the load of guys like Suh, JPP, Shaq with an extra game. I will say 12-5 but wouldn’t be surprised with 11-6.

Was just about to post similar thing. Some saying how they missed Vea and others but Bucs were healthy as hell last year. Likely will be worse this year, that’s why undefeated talk is dumb. However, I don’t see 6 losses if Brady is healthy, 3 or 4 max.