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They would not have won a title if Brady didn’t intervene. Simple as that. What’s so hard to figure out here? Jesus…

It was clearly changed and working. I watched every game and we all saw it. Brady threw a lot of wrinkles and quick dumps that looked vintage Foxboro, no new wrinkles involved in a lot of the sequencing.

Dislike that idea a lot. Almost as much as I dislike the idea of Byron being the next HC. Not sure why people are so enamored with Byron. That was Brady’s offense that was working, not his.

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According to an article on PFT via Joebucsfan: Brady said he struggled to Learn Bruce’s playbook and didn’t even fully grasp it until the later part of the year. That whole ” That was Brady’s offense that was working” sh–t is pure ignorance.

Every competent offensive staff makes adjustments to complement the talent they have. You can try to walk it back if you want. But to claim “That was Brady’s offense” is still pure ignorant and an insult to Bruce and Byron.

What isn’t to hard to figure out is that you’re just a dumb ass. You base this great intervention revelation on what facts.