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Even the greatest quarterback ever had his struggles learning the intricacies of Arians’ scheme.

“Midway through the year, I was still trying to figure out how to call the plays,” Brady said regarding Arians’ playbook on the Hodinkee Radio podcast, via “I just read [the plays] off my wristband and tried to visualize what was going to happen.

“It’s like learning a completely new language. You’ve spoken English for 20 years and someone goes, ‘Hey man, let’s speak some Spanish.’ And you are like, ‘Huh? That makes no sense to my brain.’”

Buccaneers quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen admitted the offense wasn’t in overdrive heading into the Super Bowl, explaining they were a month away from hitting their peak. Judging from Brady’s first season in Tampa Bay, it’s scary to think he can be even better. Brady completed 65.2% of his passes for 2,444 yards with 20 touchdowns to eight interceptions (101.2 rating) in the second half of the season.