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I think he grasped it very well,” Bucs coach Bruce Arians said. “He was throwing the ball where it’s supposed to go. He had a couple drops on him, but I thought he looked really good.

Just the way he processes information. He took it from the first time ever hearing it, and he was throwing it to the right guy. He was throwing against some really well-disguised coverages that he saw for the first day of his career. I was real impressed how he processed his information. He was very accurate.”

There’s one thing Arians was sure to mention. The Bucs have begun to spoon-feed Trask the offense. But with each day as a Bucs quarterback, it will become more like drinking from a firehose.

“Whatever we threw at him today? He’s not practicing it tomorrow,” Arians said. “It’s all new (Saturday), and it will be all new Sunday. We throw as much at them as we possibly can. Different protections and hots and sights for all those receivers and the quarterbacks and tight ends. As much volume as we can possibly load up them up with and see how much they retain when we get them back.”

Trask knows he has a lot to digest when it comes to the Bucs’ scheme, its terminology and passing concepts. But already he is seeing similarities between Arians’ offense and what he operated so flawlessly for two seasons with the Florida Gators.