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I hope the Pack call his bluff and don’t trade him. Make him sit out and lose a ton of money.

I don’t get the whole narrative that the “Packers have disrespected ARod for years.”

– He’s had plenty of weapons throughout his whole career,
– His oline has been good to very good throughout most of his career,
– His defense has been lacking (not always) but the Packers have used a good amount of draft capital throughout the years to try and upgrade their defense.

Can’t have it both ways regarding weapons and defense. The Pack know what their weakness has been and have tried to upgrade it. If they decided to spend high draft capital on their weapons then people would be crying about them not upgrading the defense.

And drafting Jordan Love last year received a lot of backlash and I partly get it but partly not. People said similar things when they drafted Rodgers and Love is raw. He needed atleast a year or two to sit and learn. Just like Rodgers did. Packers are looking out for their future and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Tend to agree. Both parties appear to be at a impasse that can only solved two ways.
Rodgers announces he is retiring and the Packers calling his bluff based on the premise that he really still wants to play. I continue to believe the Packers hold out for an equitable deal better than just future draft choices.