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First off, let me say they were only .07 seconds between their 40 times, and most measurables were very similar other than the vertical jump where Pitts has a 3.5″advantage and everything else some won a few here and lost a few there. Even looking at several drafting reports for both they seem to say the same about both tight ends. Even both good at high pointing the ball. The only knocks I saw on Howard were that he dropped balls. The second is that he was a good but not overpowering blocker which is the exact same knock on Pitts. I don’t understand all the gaga love for Pitts if they are almost identical. I know OJ was touted out of college but not as much as Pitts.

Similar athletes, but I think the knock on Howard was always that he was “more athlete than football player”, while that doesn’t seem to be the case with Pitts. That being said, it looked like Howard was one of the first the develop real chemistry early on with Brady, and if he can stay healthy this year would be interesting to see if he can finally have his long-awaited breakout.

And Howard has proven the stereotype to be correct. He’s had some good moments, but “athletes” tend to get hurt more than “football players” because they take care of themselves in different ways. Howard has finished EVERY SINGLE SEASON on the IR.