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*insert laughing crying emoji*

I’m just sitting here watching tonight’s UFC 262 fight card and I hear Daniel “DC” Cormier say he “I believe in Jameis Winston, and I think he is going to bring us to the promise land” and I could not believe my ears.

Who knew that one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time is a low down and dirty Saints fan? I guess believing in Jameis is the only hope ‘Aints fans really have right now because they have no faith in Taysom Hill.

I’d say DC should stick to his sport but that’s a bad dude so I’d never say it to his face lol. But it just struck me as odd and I certainly never thought I’d hear him say those words.

Lol I heard that. He’s a saints fan, what’s he gonna say? The guy is complete garbage and a waste of time? He knows the truth 😂