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Carr or Love? Watson (cleared) or Love?

You worded it wrong.

Carr or Love (plus 3 first rounders and 2-3 second rounders)?

Watson (you have zero idea on his future) or Love (plus 3 first rounders and 2-3 second rounders)?

I would take the later in either case.

Nor do you. Our difference is I am looking at both sides getting current equity.<br />
You are willing to change a final 4 contender the last 2 years for a rebuilding<br />
also ran with only future draft choices. So maintaining the status quo was not the right move for the Bucs following your assertion?

So why is Green Bay refusing to trade Rodgers?

Why would they? He has little to no leverage..he signed a contract. Quit being a write privileged male, sack up. & do your fucking job.

??? I understand totally both parties moves at this time. Rodgers wants out but he is still under contract with Green Bay. The MSM seems to opine Rodgers holds all the cards. I disagree as does Rodgers. To clarify again Green Bay will seek a QB close to Rodgers in proven ability along with some future premium draft choices if a trade is to be considered.