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I don’t get the hate for Mahomes on here, though I have noticed something the more vocal ones have in common.

I don’t think it’s hate for Mahomes but maybe people would like for the media to chill on anointing him the next HOFer after just a couple of seasons. His approach to the game generally has a short shelf life. He’s good. Really good. But many QBs would succeed in Reid’s system. Let’s see where he is 17 games from now. Not sure they are in the playoffs.

I wouldn’t go that far. Teams with top five quarterbacks generally make the Playoffs no matter what. 

With that being said, I think its more probable that he becomes the next Russell Wilson than the next Tom Brady. He found himself in a very favorable position in KC. Two of the most dangerous weapons, solid O-Line play (for most of the time) and an offensive scheme that used him perfectly. 

It remains to be seen if he will be able to sustain that level of success without a top-notch receiving-corps and a HOF coach when Reid retires. And if the Chiefs will be able to build a competitive roster around him, while also paying him 40-50 million per year.